The Centre shares the vision of the University which is to be a model Institution of higher learning which ranks among the best in the world and is responsive to the creative and innovative abilities of the Nigerian people.

The objectives of the Centre for Gender Studies are to promote:
• Excellence in multi-disciplinary research and teaching on gender issues that will:
• Lead to Gender mainstreaming.
• Lead to development of responsive curricula.
• Lead to good gender policy formulation, dissemination, evaluation and monitoring.
• Broaden the learning experiences of female and male students for better future options.
• Empowerment, Capacity Building and Utilizing Potential in:
– Research Methodologies.
– Leadership abilities and personal skills.
– Intervention Projects.
• Organizing Conferences/Seminar/Workshops/Education fairs/Documentation/Publications – for increased gender sensitization and awareness.
• Encouraging Excellence in multi disciplinary research and teaching of gender differentiation in all fields.
• To enable women cope with the quality of intellectual and family responsibility.
• Re-orienting men and women in relations to women education and employment, gender roles and equity in children upbringing.
• Examining gender based attitude, aspiration, discrimination, difference in power and authority.
• Examining the impact of the economic and political system on the under-privileged (both male and female).
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