The Centre for Gender Studies was established in July 2004, following the decision of the Senate on April 3rd 2004, under the management of the then Vice Chancellor, Prof. E.A.C. Nwanze. Dr.(Mrs.) Folu M. Ogbe was appointed as the first Director of the Centre. The Centre is temporarily located in the Akin Deko Auditorium.

What is Gender?

Gender is about people, men and women, boys and girls. The term Gender is used to analyze the roles, responsibilities constraints, opportunities and needs of women and men in all areas and in any given social context. It influences all areas of our lives, the education we receive, the social roles we play and the power and authority we command. Population processes where women and men live, how they bear and rear children and how they die are shaped as well.

Gender refers to the social attributes and opportunities associated with being male and female and the relationship between women and those between men. These attributes, opportunities and relationship are society constructed and are learned through socialization process.

Gender determines what is expected, allowed and valued in a woman or man in a given context. In most societies, there are differences and inequality between women and men in responsibilities assigned, activities undertaken, control over resources as well as decision making opportunities.

Gender Studies: is a field of interdisciplinary identity and gendered representation as control categories of analysis. This field includes women and men studies. Gender studies investigate the actual (Physical and Biological) gender differences between men and women, but think especially critical about what those differences mean in a social cultural context.

Gender studies is one of the central categories that structures (among other things) perceptions, identities and judgment. It investigate the significance, production, constitution and relevance of gender and gender relations, the way in which they work and their transformation. This comprehensive and complex claim can only be put into practice by means of interplay between various discipline and points to access. Only in this way can the relevance and variability of gender be fully encompassed in terms of context. Gender Studies is a discipline itself, an interdisciplinary area of study that incorporates methods and approaches from a wide range of discipline.


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